Friday, 15 June 2007

Silly Season

The silly season is almost upon us and I think this year I am about to join in!

There is a promotional push at Triskelion slated for July. Trisk authors are invited to contribute by writing two or three pages of a story and then pass it on to the next author to carry on. I did my segment today. Someone with more technical knowledge than me is going to put all this together and start the ball rolling on MySpace. Some kind of pointer sends readers from one site to another to read the next segment, and a new segment goes up every day. So at some point, I may load what looks like a very strange story segment on warned!

It has rained here almost constantly for over a week. The river is flooding down at the bottom of the hill and though we are safe, people in Yorkshire are already being evacuated. More rain is scheduled. The stream at the bottom of the garden in someone's dream garden may turn into a raging torrent overnight and pour into their home! Looking at the tv footage tonight it looked as if York is suffering again.

Trapped indoors by constant rain, I have completed seven critiques in one day, so some good has come out of the bad weather.

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