Friday, 1 June 2007

Interviews and holidays

While I was away, my second interview appeared on the Writers and Authors blogspot. Here's the link so that you can pop over to Jo Linsdell's site and check it out:

I promised you another picture from my hols. Well, how about this? A glass of wine and a barbecue suits me just fine most of the time, especially when it's a fine warm evening at the watermill that inspired me to write my third book Shadows.

There are odd spots of sophistication in my holidays, too. The picture below is Monaco on a warm and overcast morning before the sun burned the heat haze away. There were more and bigger boats moored outside the harbour, should you fancy your chances of catching the eye of a millionaire.

And the reason we drove all the way to Monaco? Well, you know what happens once a year in Monaco in May, don't you?

Yes, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix!

I watch it on tv, but this is the first time I've attended a live meeting. The sound of those engines howling through the streets is truly unbelievable. It vibrates through the bones of the chest and quite likely ruptures the ear drums if ear plugs are not worn. Luckily I'd taken a quantity of cotton wool, and that deadened the sound enough to make it bearable.

The picture is at the bottom end of the circuit, just before the cars dive into the tunnel. I sat in an open stand with the sea only a pace away for upwards of six hours and my back ached for days afterwards! But I'm glad I experienced it and was especially pleased when Alonso won and Hamilton was second.

More tomorrow!

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