Saturday, 5 May 2007

Trip out

This is the monument to "Edward I who fought a long and bitter campaign to conquer Scotland. Old and sick he made camp on these marshes while preparing to subdue his old enemy Robert Bruce. Edward died here on 7th July 1307."
The monument was built in 1685.
It is on the Solway Firth, west and slightly north of Carlisle, and marked on any decent OS map. Drive to Burgh by Sands, head north and then walk out on the marshes to the monument. On a clear day there must be a wonderful view across the flat Rockcliffe marshes towards Annan and south west Scotland. Behind you will be the Lake District.
Unfortunately, our day was heavy and overcast though not cold, and the view was limited. Scotland was a hazy, half seen blur on the horizon and the Lake District pretended it wasn't there at all. Birdsong filled the air around us, and wild geese grazed the distant marshes. One lonely cow stared into the distance, and a few sheep stalked off with their noses in the air as we approached.
Driving back down the narrow lane to Burgh by Sands, we met a herd of beef cattle and hurridly backed up to let them through! If one of them had sat on our car, which is rather low slung and sporty, it would have left quite a dent!


Anna Lucia said...

Ah, one of my favourite places, Jen!

It's not hard to imagine the impotent frustration of the man, dying by inches, within sight of the shore that had defied him for so long.

Jen said...

Hi Anna,
I like that area very much, and this time the trip across had a definite goal - to find the monument! instead of simply enjoying the lovely countryside.