Friday, 6 April 2007

First review for Dark Pool

06 April 2007
Dark Pool

Dark Pool: Sequel to the Banners of Alba by Jen Black

Write Words, Inc

EBOOKISBN: 159433989

397 Pages $5.50

Once you start reading Jen Black’s historical romance, Dark Pool, you’ll find yourself unable to stop reading it as this talented storyteller transports you to a time gone by with plenty of deftness and skill and captivates her readers with a passionate romance you will find impossible to put down!

Finlay of Alba was forced to leave Alba without any protection in order to track down a young ward, Eba, who was stolen by raiders. Finlay must find her and free her from danger, but his search for her fails to come to fruition when he enters Lord Sitric’s stronghold in Dublin and he denies all knowledge of the girl. Will Finlay be able to rescue Eba? Or will she have to succumb to a forced marriage?

Dark Pool is an intense, passionate and gripping read which captured my attention from the very first chapter. Well written, romantic and evocative, this is a must-read for fans of historical romance everywhere! Award five red roses. JB

I am so pleased with this! 5 red roses!

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