Monday, 23 April 2007

The Face of Britain on Channel 4 promised much but delivers ... not very much. They cannot differentiate between Danish Vikings and Anglo Saxons, so Danish Vikings must be lumped together with Anglo Saxons. The North East of England is therefore largely Anglo-Saxon. A little too simplistic for me.
One fact about Newcastle, glossed over in one sentence, stated that a quarter of the population are more likely of Celtic origin than AS. I fnd that interesting. If a quarter of the population of every major city in the east of the country can trace back to the Celts, then I think that throws doubt on the theory that the Celts as a race were driven back to the west.
I am aware that in the 1800s many Scots and Irish came into Newcastle; 31% of the incomers were Scots and 19% Irish, if my memory serves. They've been coming over the centuries, and they are still coming. Come to think of it, my mother was always called Biddy, and she chose Celtic names for my brother and me....I know next to nothing about my mother's family. Perhaps if I did, I'd find a link to Ireland!

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