Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Author chat

Yesterday I was guest author on Kiera Black's blog and you might want to pop over and admire her beautiful blogsite. There's an excerpt from Dark Pool there, too, plus excerpts from other authors.

I finished my wip on 17th April, and spent a couple of days reading it over and correcting errors - words missed out, words added in where they should not be, that sort of thing. The partial sub went off on the 21st, so now I'm sifting through ideas for the next venture. It feels very strange not to have something on which to concentrate, and I'm doing lots of critiques for the two groups I belong to. They've been patient while I have done only the bare minimum, so now it is pay-back time.

Critique groups are funny things. I received two critiques this week on the same piece of work, and both "critters" pounced on the same phrase and altered it - but not only did they disagree with me, they disagreed with each other! so now I have three versions of the phrase - and which do I choose? Perhaps the simplest answer is to rephrase the whole sentence and get around the problem that way as it is obviously something that an editor is going to pick up on at some point.

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