Saturday, 24 March 2007

Getting the hang of things

I'm finally getting to grips with how to manipulate the info I want on this blog, which is good. I now have a list of links, which may change from time to time since I don't know what the ultimate number of permitted links might be, and my interests change with time.

Any writing and critting I've been doing this week has been interupted by the fact that I mislaid my wallet. Yes, with credit cards and stuff. The annoying thing is, it has to be somewhere in this house! I used a card on Friday for a delivery of groceries, didn't leave the house Friday or Saturday, and couldn't find the wallet on Sunday morning. We've searched the waste bins, looked under the beds, looked inside the washing machine - yes, I know! - everywhere we can think of and still no joy. My dh thinks I've been sleepwalking.

Had to ring endless "push this button if you want..." numbers to cancel and renew all the cards, check no one had used the old ones, then wait for the new ones to arrive. This kind of small domestic crisis kind of gets in the way of writing...

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