Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Finally knuckled down and got some writing done yesterday. I added somewhere between 2000 and 25oo words to the wip . The weather is unseasonally warm at the moment so I took the opportunity to do some Spring Weeding with the sunshine wonderfully warm on my back. The forecasters tell me that the cold weather will return tomorrow, so perhaps I won't do any more for while.

Time then to stay indoors and write! I do have a deadline of a sort. Not a publishing deadline, but we leave to go on holiday in May and I'd like to have it wrapped up by then. That gives me four to six weeks...40K to go. Anyone care to take a wager?

Some people need a deadline, but I don't think I do. I like to think I'm organised and progressing in nice easy increments towards the target. But then, the writing urge doesn't always appear to order, as I found last week. I gave myself a few days off, and then forced myself back to the wordprocessor. It seemed to work. I hope it isn't going to happen too often.

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